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'The Creative Pumpkin Ltd' is the limited company wholly owned and run by the British author, Sarah Rayner. This is her author website.

Sarah Rayner lives in Brighton with her husband, Tom, and stepson, Sebastian, aged 17, but she was born in London. She spent her childhood in Richmond, Surrey, then became a punk, spiked her hair and went to Leeds University to study English and get chilblains. She returned to London in the late ’80s, flattened her hair and worked in fashion PR for a bit, before her boss told her she was better at writing than schmoozing clients, and suggested she become an advertising copywriter.

She took the hint, and after ten years in various London agencies, turned freelance, got some short stories published by Woman’s Own, and for many years combined life as an author and copywriter.

Her first two novels, The Other Half (Orion 2001) and Getting Even (2002) were well received on publication and translated around Europe, but it was her third novel, One Moment, One Morning (Picador 2010) that made the biggest mark in terms of sales, selling 300,000 copies in the UK alone. 





The last five years have seen the novel translated into eleven languages and published in China, South America and Eastern Europe, and this success means Sarah now writes both fiction and non-fiction books full time.

Sarah's fourth novel, The Two Week Wait, was published in 2012, and 2013-14 saw the publication of reworked editions of her first two novels, The Other Half and Getting Even in both the UK and US and the launch of her fifth novel, Another Night, Another Day. Like The Two Week Wait, it features a few of the Brighton-based characters who readers first met in One Moment, One Morning, but is a complete standalone novel.

'If The Two Week Wait was a sister to One Moment, One Morning then perhaps Another Night, Another Day could be seen as a brother,' says Sarah, 'because it the male perspective is important. It deals with some tricky issues too - the characters go through a lot of psychological trauma which leads them to meet in a psychiatric clinic. In many ways it's my most ambitious novel to date.' 

Listen to Sarah talking about Another Night, Another Day here > 


2015 has seen the launch of Sarah's 'Making Friends with...' series of self-help books. In the Making Friends with Anxiety books (there are now three titles), Sarah draws on her own experience of anxiety disorder to help others help themselves. There is now also Making Friends with the Menopause: A clear and comforting guide to support you as your body changes, co-authored by Dr Patrick Fitzgerald.

Sarah drew on her marketing background to publish these titles and designs the covers and interiors too. Readers can enjoy ongoing support online via groups on Facebook (Making Friends with Anxiety and Making Friends with the Menopause respectively). 2016 has seen Sarah write Making Friends with Depression, along with Kate Harrison and Dr Patrick Fitzgerald. This time she has illustrated the book herself.

She is also a regular blogger for the American magazine, Psychology Today, and you can read her blogs here.

Author note: Sarah wishes to thank photographers John Knight and Madelyn Mulvaney for allowing her to use their images on this site, and her nephew, Conrad, and nieces Rosie, Polly and Tess for the illustrations. All other photos and illustrations are Sarah's.


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