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Revenge has never been such fun

How would you feel if your best friend at work betrayed you? Was secretly having an affair with an influential colleague? Did you out of a coveted promotion, then teamed you up with a mere junior, leaving you feeling completely demoted? What would you do?

For Ivy there's no choice.

The only person she has ever trusted, Orianna, has blown it big time. So there's only one way forward: revenge. Ivy's campaign is brilliant, if horribly destructive, and she's determined to get even with the woman has dared to cross her. But is Ivy really the innocent party? Or is she hiding secrets of her own?

Set in the heart of Soho's adland, where emotions run even higher than the salaries, Getting Even is an unputdownable tale of jealousy packed with bonking, bonding and backstabbing.



'Betrayal and revenge fuel this smart, sexy tale of intrigue at a London ad agency. With Rayner's brisk, snappy prose, spot-on characterizations...and deft plot twists, this is chick lit with an edge. Pure entertainment.' —Booklist

'Read this book! A bestseller without a doubt, this wickedly thrilling story will keep you amused and intrigued.' - Bella Magazine

'A compulsive read about bonding and backstabbing.' - Company

'A 'MUST READ'!' - The Sun

'If revenge is a dish best served cold, then this is surely the Nigella of cold-cuisine cookery books.' **** - Heat 


About this book

The Other Half and Getting Even were first published in the UK by Orion in 2001 and 2002. Since the success of One Moment, One Morning, many readers have asked how they can get hold of these titles, and for a few years they were out of print. But in 2012 Sarah spent several months rewriting both novels, in 2013 Picador UK published these new versions as ebooks and print-on-demand.

Equally exciting, both novels are now available in the USA and Canada for the first time. The Other Half was published in March 2014, and Getting Even in September.

Sarah says, 'I am delighted my readers now have the chance to discover these books, and if you're keen to do so, I'd recommend you opt for these new editions rather than second hand paperbacks of the originals, as I believe they're hugely improved as a result of my rewriting and updating them and are totally right for now.'


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What do Martin Amis, Don DeLillo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Elmore Leonard, Ogden Nash, Flannery O’Connor, James Patterson, Dorothy L. Sayers and Fay Weldon have in common? Not a lot, you would be forgiven for thinking. But in fact they share a personal history; they all started out as advertising copywriters. 'Just like me, then,' says Sarah... 


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The new UK cover with photograph by Madelyn Mulvaney (above)




Getting Even cover

 The new US cover



The original 2002 cover (below)

getting even


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